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Ripper quays

"What a terrible way for a man to be murdered. Course it’d be far worse if his killer escapes our grasp…"

Part Escape Room… Part Murder Mystery... All to play for, if you dare...

1UPSTARTS alongside Youth Arts Takeover proudly presents the latest in their line of plays you can play, ‘Ripper Quays’! Take a step through time into the gritty underbelly that is Victorian Hull, where as teams of 6 detectives you’ll be given the task of solving the aggressive murder of local shipwright Albert Bloodwin.

You’ll be faced with puzzles to solve, tasks to complete, and suspects to interrogate, but beware! Time is running out, and the suspect may soon escape! So build your team, brush up on your puzzle-solving skills and get ready for an interactive immersive experience like no other! But don’t forget, the clock’s always ticking…

Ripper Quays will test your wits and push your investigative skills to the limit. Fans of Fort Boyard, Crystal Maze and even Jungle Run will love playing through this show! Just make sure you nab the correct suspect!


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