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Triana Telebumble

Triana's back and she's at it again! Determined to bring a bit more cheer in these gloomy days, she's gone around and gathered up all her famous Hull friends to come back and play with us! There'll be music, books, flying and flips, so make sure not to miss out on this time travelling escapade!

(Triana illustration by Natalie Davies)

Mr. E's Creepy Crafts

Come join along with Mr. E as he discovers the world of arts and crafts! Mr. E finds a book with guides to crafts that you can make at home, and provides step by step plans on how you can make your own crafts with him. By using easily recyclable materials you’ll have at home and simple craft supplies, you too can make your own monsters with Mr. E. Each episode features something new to make, so get ready for your crafting journey to begin with Mr. E’s Creepy Crafts!

mr e.jpg

Mafty + Ni-Ni

The summer holidays are here and there's nothing to do! How on earth are two little monsters going to keep the boredom away this time... Well maybe it's time... For an ADVENTURE! With animals, drawings and laughs galore, Mafty and Ni-Ni will keep you giggling all day! And who knows, maybe if you play along, you'll end up with some pretty cool artwork by the end...

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